Hey.lt - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas


Fashion is about self-expresion, emotion and identity, fashion reflects and pushes cultural and social boundaries. Our company can to propose the best product to the marketplace in the fastest time, and at the most competitive price.

Fashion is one of the world‘s largest and most interesting industries. It is an intricate market that is confounding in its complexity. It is at once enticing and daunting as arguably the most visible, dynamic and challenging of all consumer markets. Apprenticeship and mentoring keeps the company an active part of growth in the fashion community and inspires a creative and dynamic atmosphere.

Our priority -

● dynamic and effective response networks delivering customer requirements flexiby and on time;
● creative services and design research input; Experiment with fashion design through pairing innovative construction and hand crafts
● quick time to developments of prototype and improved forecasting models;
● quick response in production process;
● high technology and construction of Pret-a-Porter de Lux line garments and mass market;
● high quality fashion level;
● favourable delivery terms;
● successfull cooperation and loyal relationship.